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Nabisco Flour Mill Manufacturing Execution

Electrical, Instrumentation, Controls and Automation

Automation and control systems form the central nervous system of every modern manufacturing, production and process facility.

Implemented well, automation systems deliver advanced functionality that can dramatically enhance operations. But without proper consideration and careful execution, control systems can become a source of ongoing maintenance headaches, production losses and costs for your business.

Matrix PDM Engineering designs systems that utilize proven and tested project methodology, rigorous design standards and thorough simulation and testing procedures. This allows us to consistently deliver the highest quality automation systems designed to meet our clients’ unique requirements. Our approach results in faster start-ups, greater system functionality, easier support and maintenance, and improved uptime and facility productivity.

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years of experience building and maintaining critical infrastructure

Regardless of your control system platform, Matrix PDM has a large staff of industry professionals with the skill and experience to address your most challenging automation needs.  Whether your project involves only programming, complete control system supply, or is part of a larger project, our complete multidisciplinary A/E services allows us to deliver a total solution.

For over thirty years, clients have relied on these services for the successful deployment of hundreds of applications and control systems in facilities across the globe and in various industries.

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