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Cryogenic and Refrigerated Storage Tanks

Cryogenic and Low Temperature Storage Tanks and Terminals

Matrix PDM Engineering offers design excellence for single and full containment LNG storage facilities, LPG storage facilities, ammonia storage facilities, LIN / LOX storage tanks and spheres.

Among Matrix PDM’s most prominent engineered products are LNG, low temperature and cryogenic storage facilities, as well as the associated process systems. Matrix PDM has executed projects for the storage of refrigerated gases, including LNG, ethane, ethylene, propane, butane, propylene, butadiene, ammonia, chlorine, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and helium.

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Few contractors possess the expertise needed to engineer low temperature and cryogenic storage facilities and related process systems. Matrix PDM is uniquely positioned as just such a contractor and is actively working a substantial pipeline of projects.

This team specializes in large- and small-scale LNG storage, LPG storage facilities, ammonia storage facilities, LIN/LOX storage tanks and spheres and other steel plate structures. Matrix PDM has executed projects for the storage of refrigerated gases, including LNG, ethane, ethylene, propane, butane, propylene, butadiene, ammonia, chlorine, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and helium.

Low Temperature Storage Tanks and Facilities
+40°F to -60°F
API Standard 620, Annex R
Storage for

Cryogenic Storage Tanks and Facilities
-60°F to -325°F
API Standard 620, Annex Q
Storage for
Methane (LNG)



Matrix PDM Engineering has provided solutions to refrigerated and cryogenic storage tanks and facilities since 1969. In addition to new facilities, our deep domain skills in engineering, project management, and project services enable us to provide specialty support for changes resulting from operational issues and regulatory guidelines.

Our portfolio of services includes conceptualization; fitness for service and life cycle analysis; engineering; development of repair options; regulatory support; FEL1, FEL2, FEL3, cost analyses; planning & scheduling; procurement services; field repair & construction. Our services include taking facilities out of service, performing repairs and additions, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and startup.

Our discipline-specific expertise coupled with practical knowledge in project management, constructability, operations, repair, precommissioning, commissioning, and start-up provide optimum solutions.

Turn-Key Project Execution

  • Integrity assessments, including reports for repair and upgrade
  • Concept, feasibility studies & front end engineering and design
  • Life expectancy calculations
  • Assistance to support regulatory requirements from agencies such as PHMSA and FERC
  • Product evacuation, including isolation, warm-up, and purge
  • Product introduction, including purging and cool-down
  • Repairs and upgrades, including design and installation of:
    • In-tank LNG pumps with pump columns and piping
    • BOG compressor
    • Vaporizer improvements
    • Facility-wide MCC system upgrades
    • Firewater protection systems
    • Catwalks and walkways
    • Fill and cool down lines
    • Replacement of transitions on side entry lines and internal tank valves (ITVs)
    • Electrical and instrumentation works including LTD gauges and relief valves and compaction control system
    • Roof, shell, and insulation repairs
  • Engineering and installation of temporary facilities to accommodate continuing operations during the out of service period

Your partner of choice from concept through completion

  • Extensive experience with LNG and cryogenic
    facilities repairs and life cycle improvement
  • Extensive multi-discipline engineering capabilities
  • FEED executed by an EPC firm with constructability inputs and actual construction pricing
  • Single contracting entity with self-perform and full project execution capabilities using our sister organizations
  • Seamless transition between FEED and EPC
  • Dedication and proven track record of safety, quality and meeting or beating schedule
  • High repeatability potential to execute subsequent similar projects across client portfolio of assets
  • Collaborative: Partnering to bring the most value to our clients
  • Financial strength and stability
  • Multiple executed projects in the portfolio for various clients

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