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Sulfur recovery, processing and handling

Through the acquisition of Devco USA and Houston Interests, Matrix PDM Engineering has become the world leader in sulfur forming and handling technology.

In sulfur recovery, processing and handling, our teams provide leading expertise and proprietary technology to convert molten sulfur into solid granules. Downstream, they also bring expertise in sulfur removal from gas streams and re-melting of sulfur granules for industrial use.

The sulfur forming facilities and product, plus downstream handling systems meet rigid environmental and safety requirements while delivering a much lower total cost of ownership than competing technologies.

Our core expertise includes:

  • Sulfur forming
  • Facility design
  • Sulfur blocking (long-term storage)
  • Sulfur melting
  • Conceptual engineering
  • Operations expertise
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The Devco II Process

In 1980, Devco USA investigated 15+ different forming processes before developing its own premium sulfur forming technology and deciding to use a wet prilling, or pelletizing, process for installation in Saudi Arabia with safety and quality in mind. The wet process is very simple to operate with low capital and operating costs and is environmentally friendly.

The small amount of moisture adhering to the surface of the pellets during the process insures that there will be minimal sulfur dust formed in the handling of the pellets, virtually eliminating the potential of fire or explosion sometimes associated with a dry process.

Devco has made numerous improvements in the wet pelletizing process it now offers. Single unit capacities range from 50 to 2,000 tonnes per day.


Benefits of Modularization

Schedule Savings

  • Fit up prior to shipping drastically lowers field delays
  • Hydro and other testing at shop
  • Simple foundation design
  • Consistent shop workforce improves quality
  • Less interruption to operating facility

Cost Savings

  • Improved productivity over field equipment
  • Shop labor $ < Field labor $
  • Fabrication allows for a fixed price bid rather than estimate by field contractor
  • Lower risk for change orders
  • Reduces impact of weather
  • Enhanced material control

What can be modularized?

  • Heat medium
  • Filters
  • Process equipment
  • Pumps
  • Pipe racks
  • MCC/Control room


Matrix PDM Engineering has a unique solution for sulfur block pouring needs called the Devco Pivot Pour system. The Devco Pivot Pour system is the easiest and safest method to pour molten sulfur to solid block form. Our unique towers & arms configuration will evenly distribute the sulfur and form a block safely without dangerous pockets of molten sulfur.

Devco USA developed this innovative solution for the effective and safe block pouring of sulfur due to a block failure from another supplier’s outdated equipment in Kazakhstan. This equipment was designed to prevent this type of failure by providing a more even and thin layer of sulfur applied to the block.

Matrix PDM Engineering’s sulfur block pouring arms are mobile and have significantly lower capital costs than traditional, cantilevered block pouring units. Each arm can pour more than 3,000 tonnes per day of sulfur to block over an extremely large surface area, thus eliminating the formation of liquid pockets or “hot spots” in the sulfur block. Its pouring towers can be designed for a wide range of sulfur block pouring configurations and conditions and are easily erected at site.


Devco worked with Rock Binders Inc. to develop a unique technology to add sulfur with proprietary additives to asphalt to produce a stronger and better material for roads. Devco’s Bay Sulfur Company was the first facility in the world to produce SEAM® (Sulfur Extended Asphalt Modifier) at our Stockton, California facility using the standard wet sulfur pelletizing process. This product has been successfully installed in roadways in Las Vegas, Nevada. The addition of special proprietary substances to the sulfur allows for the odor-free blending using conventional asphalt batch plants. SEAM strengthens asphalt pavement while virtually eliminating rutting and cracking.

The SEAM technology was acquired by Shell Canada and Devco is equipped to supply plants for the production of SEAM for companies who have been licensed by Shell for the production of SEAM.


As an integral part of the contract to pelletize sulfur and market it from Saudi Arabia, Devco was responsible for devising a program to reclaim, remelt, pelletize, and market more than 900,000 tonnes of sulfur which had been formed in large storage vats at Shedgum and Jubail. The sulfur at the base of the storage vats was contaminated, and Devco developed processes to purify the vat bottoms, removing dirt, sand, gravel and hydrocarbons, to thereby produce sulfur meeting commercial specifications. Devco offers these purification processes to eliminate environmental problems where storage areas must be cleaned up.

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