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The Mosaic Company Sulfur Melter and Material Handling Main Image

The Mosaic Company – Sulfur Melter & Material Handling

Location: Mulberry, Florida

Matrix PDM Engineering developed an engineer-led EPC strategy, leveraging proprietary melting and filtering technology, sulfur handling and storage experience, and executing a modular design, fabricating, and construction strategy to shorten the schedule, reduce risk, and reduce on-site construction.

The new sulfur melter plant will heat prilled sulfur to liquid form and mix with existing molten sulfur supply. With world sulfur markets changing, this method provides a new opportunity to ensure a more reliable and low-cost supply.

Electrical and control system scope includes design to classifications, gas sensors, 15Kv rated cable, two oil-filled secondary substation low voltage transformers, two electrical buildings, switchgear, MCCs, variable frequency drives, and uninterruptible power supply. The control system utilized one stand-alone Factory Talk View SE and one distributed client connected to the existing two FTViewSE server stacks. Automated, semi-automated or manual control functions were designed for plant equipment with automated or semi-automated functions for process streams.

engineering hours executed
construction hours executed
tons per year sulfur melting capacity

Scope of Work

  • 6,000-ton concrete storage silo
  • Automated dual lane truck unloading system
  • 500 tph conveying systems
  • 165 tph reclaim and melter feed system
  • 1 MMTPY Sulfur Melter
  • 6% Moisture
  • Less than 20 ppm solids after filtration
  • 17,000 acfm exit flow rate
  • SO2 outlet, wet uncorrected 5 ppmv
  • H2S outlet, wet uncorrected 5 ppmv
  • Rockwell automation PAX control system
  • Redundant I/O communications
  • Rockwell factory talk SE HMI platform with redundant networks
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