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Dominion Power – Coal Handling Conveyor System

Location: Chesapeake, VA

Matrix PDM Engineering designed, procured, fabricated, erected, and commissioned a new coal handling conveyor system for Dominion Power. Preventing coal from spilling into the river or onto protected wetlands was an absolute priority for this project and formed the basis for EDC’s project approach. The unloading system was successfully delivered and installed in a record span of 5 months.

The system consists of a barge-mounted crane in the Elizabeth River to unload arriving coal-laden barges. The crane unloads coal into a receiving hopper installed on a second barge. It features a tilting splash-guard spanning the full width of the hopper that returns spilled coal into the barge being unloaded. A vibrating feeder under the receiving hopper controls the flow of coal onto a 200-foot long conveyor. The conveyor cantilevers over the bow of the barge and continues a long-distance spanning protected wetlands. A wash down system under the return belt prevented carry back coal from falling into the wetlands.

The barge loader conveyor discharges onto a bridge conveyor that is elevated to span a roadway within the plant. The bridge conveyor discharges onto a 914-foot long conveyor on to existing railroad tracks. The tracks were utilized into the design of the system since rail delivery was eliminated. A fourth conveyor delivered materials into the shaker house for delivery to the plant conveyor system. Upon successful project delivery, Dominion Power’s CEC Plant canceled its delivery of coal by rail, a project objective.

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