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Health Safety and Environmental (HSE)

Matrix PDM’s ultimate success is measured on our ability to continuously improve our broad range of services while protecting our people, facilities and the environment. It is our responsibility, as a company, leadership team, and employees, to not only ensure the health and safety of our employees but to safeguard the communities and environments in which we live and operate. For us, it’s more than policies and procedures; it’s a way of life. This commitment extends from the top of our organization to every employee. We are all accountable in everything we do. I’ts personal.

Our HSE commitment is a winning proposition for all of our stakeholders – our employees, our customers and our investors.

commitment to protecting ourselves and those around us
priority for Matrix is safety
times recognized on Forbes’ list of Most Trustworthy Companies
on ENR’s list of top 400 contractors

Excellence at Matrix PDM is measured by our success in:

  • Sustaining a culture that encourages personal responsibility for HSE and a belief that all accidents are preventable.
  • Caring about the health and wellbeing of our employees and co-workers.
  • Setting positive examples as a responsible corporate citizen in the communities in which we live and work.
  • Promoting sustainability by adopting “reduce, reuse and recycle” principles while minimizing our environmental footprint.