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Confidential Client – Port Arthur Marine Terminal Engineering Design

Location: Port Arthur. TX

Matrix PDM Engineering provided conceptual multidiscipline engineering design for a marine terminal to handle crude oil and LPG. The terminal was designed for transshipping and suitable for 24-hour operations.

barrel working capacity tanks
bbl/hr inbound rates

Scope of Work

  • Conceptual design basis for the pipeline, marine facilities, onshore facilities, including LPG unloading, heating, storage, and pumping process
  • (4) 660,000 and three 330,000 barrel working capacity tanks with inbound rates of 20,000-40,000 bbl/hour for crude oil
  • (4) 250,000 barrel working capacity refrigerated tanks with inbound rates of 21,000 bbl/hour for LPG
  • Cost estimation for both phases of the project
  • Provided site conditions and data, including soil conditions, bathymetry, metocean data, and vessel data
  • Site plan, LPG berth layout, trestle, dredging, dredge disposal and slope protection descriptions provided for marine facilities
  • LPG loading facilities functional requirements, including loading platform, breasting dolphins and mooring points, vessel docking assistance and load monitoring system and trestle to jetty head platform
  • Onshore facilities site plans and process descriptions for both phases
  • Provided a passing ship study

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