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Kinder Morgan Compressor Station

Kinder Morgan – Markham Compressor Station

Location: Markham, Texas

Matrix PDM provided design, programming, simulation, and commissioning for a new compressor station in Markham, Texas.

Matrix PDM provided a station control system that can automatically transition between each of the operational modes without operator intervention. Valves would cycle and compression would start or stop as needed. The station control system included discharge and suction pressure setpoint control; communication with a remote SCADA system; automatic unmanned control per commands from the SCADA system; high discharge pressure and temperature override control; low suction pressure override control; line break detection; valve failure detection; and abnormal unit shutdown detection.

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Scope of Work

  • PLC based control system design
  • PLC and HMI software programming
  • Control system software Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Fully configurable operational modes through the Wonderware HMI
  • Unmanned station operation via interface with remote SCADA
  • All alarms and shutdowns were configurable from the HMI including alarm level, severity and action taken
  • Station fire and gas monitoring was provided for detection of fire or combustible gas including, interface with LEL monitors, infrared fire monitors, and controlled shutdown of plant equipment

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