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Confidential Client – Repair of Cement Plant Power Distribution System

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Matrix PDM provided services to recommission part of a New Orleans area plant that had been idle for more than 10 years. The extensive power distribution system sat inactive and largely de-energized, with only a minor portion connected to feed the small cement terminal operation that remained.

The recommissioning required energizing enough of the power distribution system to supply approximately 10 MVA of various connected plant and process equipment loads. Matrix PDM developed a design to utilize elements that could be cost effectively reconditioned along with new equipment as needed.

ynchronous motor ball mill starter rebuilt
SkV bus fully cleaned
1333kVA 4

Scope of Work

  • Complete field survey, detailed equipment tests and inspections, and specifications, procurement and installation for the necessary new equipment
  • 3,000 HP synchronous motor ball mill starter was rebuilt using Cutler-Hammer AMPG ARD contactor with 10100011 protective relaying and DP 4000 power monitoring devices, as well as a new field application panel and DC power supply
  • Walnut shell blasted, cleaned and adjusted existing incoming 69kV lines, switches and station busswork
  • Repair of main station transformer, instrument calibration and oil cooling fan package upgrade
  • Cleaned 3,000 amp SkV bus and adjusted switches and cleaned existing 2,000 Westinghouse SkV DHP lineup
  • All breakers sent for rebuild, cells were cleaned and rewired, and all protective relays were cleaned, tested, calibrated and set
  • Rebuild of existing MCC and retrofit with new 1,333kVA 4, 160/480 VAC Dry Type Transformer
  • New 1,000 kVA 4, 160/480 VAC unit substation transformer and motor control center lineup for dryer building
  • Robicon VFD, Allen-Bradley 1336 PLUS drives, and Siemens/Furnas 480 VAC MCC s

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