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Modularization Construction

Across the process industry, owners continue to look for ways to improve profitability. One such strategy being employed is modular construction – an approach that offers a number of benefits over traditional construction.


Schedule Savings: 

  • Fit up prior to shipping dramatically lowers field delays
  • Hydro and other testing at shop
  • Simple foundation design
  • Consistent shop workforce improves quality
  • Less Interruption to operation facility

Cost Savings: 

  • Improved productivity over field equipment
  • Fabrication allows for a fixed price bid rather than estimate by field contractors
  • Shop labor is more efficient with lower costs than field labor
  • Reduced impact of weather issues
  • enhanced material control


What can be modularized? 

  • Process equipment
  • Filters
  • Heat medium
  • Pipe Racks
  • Pumps
  • MCC/Control Room


commitment to safety
incident safety culture
years of experience

Stick Build: 

  • Foundations
  • Set Equipment
  • Install Structural
  • Install Piping


  • Foundations
  • Module Fabrication
  • Install Structural
  • Legs Set Modules
  • Weld Out Piping



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