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Conceptual Design and Feasibility Studies

Begin with the end in mind

Where some might see nothing but a patch of dirt and open sky, Matrix PDM sees the future: a fully operational industrial plant, a material handling facility, a tank farm, sulfur or natural gas processing facility, a marine structure and more.  One with the right amount of space to meet your budget and immediate targets with room for eventual expansion and minimal interruption.

Matrix PDM Engineering provides a full array of project development services to help our clients explore ideas and develop them into fully operational solutions.  From Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Design and Front End Loading (FEL I, II, III), to Front End Engineering & Design (FEED), AACE Estimates and Preliminary Engineering, we provide the services that allow our clients to define and plan their projects and prepare them for approval, implementation and optimal success.

We offer due diligence studies to help clients choose the right site or acquire an existing facility that meets their operational needs.  We create conceptual designs and perform studies to evaluate options for process and facility configurations, site arrangements, inbound & outbound logistics, storage, and future expansion.  We can help assess and select the best available process technologies and identify local code requirements and regulatory parties. We coordinate with major equipment vendors and construction partners to develop realistic project execution plans, costs, and schedules with your targets, schedule, budget and safety in mind.

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The greatest opportunity to create value and success occurs in the initial planning stages.  It is in these early stages where a small amount of expertise and effort can help mitigate risks and yield tremendous results in the final design and construction phase.

In every project development effort, Matrix PDM balances innovation with practical and proven project execution methodology. Whether clients seek a rough cost and feasibility estimate or fully detailed Front End Engineering & Design, our team of project and design experts are ready to assist with their project development needs.



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