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Portland Bulk Terminals – Multi-Grade Potash Terminal

Location: Portland, Oregon

Matrix PDM Engineering was contracted to enhance the operation of a multi-grade potash terminal. The six million ton per year capacity facility features a 3,000 mtph rail receiving system; 100,000 mt capacity storage building; and a 4,000 mtph ship loading system.

Matrix PDM automated the control system for the A-frame portal reclaimers with a 4,000 mtph capacity that previously required two full operators and an engineer to operate. The entire reclaimer was re-programmed to eliminate constant human operation and to eliminate downtime due to the old control system.

Once the machine was fully automated, it only required an operator to set it up and featured automated bin selection and operatorless control over material feed rate through P&IDs.

Matrix PDM also developed remote diagnostics to allow management oversight of the reclaimers.

ton/yr facility
MTPH rail receiving system
MTPH ship loading system
MT capacity storage building

Scope of Work

  • Control system automation
  • Re-programming
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Two portal scraper reclaimers operated from ship's deck
  • Automation and programming to reduce operators
  • Automated bin selection
  • Operatorless material feed rates
  • Remote diagnostics for management oversight

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