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Nabisco Flour Mill Manufacturing Execution

Nabisco Biscuit Company – Soft Wheat Flour Mill Automation

Location: Toledo, Ohio

Matrix PDM Engineering automated the Nabisco Biscuit Company flour mill, the largest soft wheat flour mill in the United States, to automatically schedule, control and track production in the mill. The mill produces multiple grades of flour and tracks production for laboratory analysis, yield, extraction rates and billing.

Matrix PDM upgraded the system to include a PLC base for blending and transferring of wheat, utilizing data in the SQL database, passed down via RSSQL. The system allows managers to schedule production runs far in advance in the SQL database before the information is transferred to the PLC for real-time process control.

It eliminated need for manual efforts and constant operator attention and reduced paperwork by integrating production schedule, wheat codes and production reports in the SQL database. Ultimately, Matrix PDM's control system integration brought the front office and plant floor closer together with automated production scheduling.

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Scope of Work

  • Control system integration
  • IT and database integration
  • Installed a SoftLogix5 PC-based controller over the existing PLCs to provide supervisory control functions
  • Installed RSSQL software to act as the bidirectional interface of the control system and the shop floor database
  • Upgraded existing the PLCs to enhanced Ethernet PLC5s and the ControlView stations to RSView
  • Upgraded existing the PLCs to enhanced Ethernet PLC5s and the ControlView stations to RSView
Control systems integration
Database integration
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