Have you ever seen a single termite signal a large amount of invisible damage? A client called Matrix PDM when a an accident caused damage to the end of his operation’s dock. Although he intended to repair the visible damage, he couldn’t imagine the corrosion that had been building beneath the dock over the years.

Aside from a damaged bollard, the accident uncovered severe corrosion of the structure’s support piling—so much so that much of it was no longer connected to the concrete deck.  The steel bracing was in such poor condition that the dock structure looked to fail. Had he waited any longer, a few million dollars in repair costs and business interruptions could have been at stake.

Most operators can’t afford to shut down while repairs are made. This client, like many, not only had to find unplanned funds to put his dock back into working order, but also had to incur the cost of tugboats to move incoming ships and shift them to load grain in a different hold.


Another client called Matrix PDM when he encountered a failed member of his ship loading system’s dock structure. He realized that he was in need of a complete replacement and couldn’t justify the cost of the bid he had received from another engineering firm. Matrix PDM loves a challenge. We were able to design a more cost effective floating dock—an idea that contrasted traditional industrial marine systems—and effectively move his  fertilizer from the ships to his hoppers.


We want to help you prevent lost production time and unnecessary repair and replacement costs. We recommend that you hire an engineering firm every 2-3 years to inspect your dock and assess the life and health of your connections between piles, bracing, and the concrete or steel deck.

We provide comprehensive industrial port and maritime solutions. Call us at 504 293 3926email us or see a comprehensive list of the services we offer.

Matrix PDM offers:

  • Inspections of docks and marine structures
  • Design of dock and marine structures including:
    • Mooring and breasting systems
    • Buoy systems
    • Fendering systems
    • Loading platforms and floating docks
    • Roadway bridges to docks
    • River cells, piers and captive barges
    • Sheet pile bulkheads
    • Access bridges and ramps
    • Ship loaders and unloaders
    • Rail mounted crane on barge
    • Permits
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