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Marine and Dock Design

Comprehensive solutions

Whether you are importing or exporting your product, Matrix PDM Engineering will work with you to meet your product movement needs. We serve as the go-to resource for designed solutions at ports and docks across the globe. Our material handling expertise and knowledge of loading and receiving systems, combined with our structural design capability, allows us to design an overall facility solution that addresses issues for both below and above the waterline.

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Award winning marine and dock design

Matrix PDM is a leading expert in dock structures, design and equipment/operations.  We fully understand there are equally crucial and often forgotten factors to consider in dock design including the equipment and workflow of the items resting on the dock’s surface. These factors are always top priority for us as it entails the safety of personnel and the prevention of spills and material release. With a long resume of successfully completed projects, Matrix PDM Engineering has the breadth of expertise to help make your marine project a success, from initial planning through ongoing operations.
We understand the issues associated with constructing marine projects and recognize the need to manage the permitting phase through close coordination with Army Corps of Engineers, State DOT, Levy District, State EPA, Coast Guard, and Pilot’s Associations. We offer solid experience addressing the challenges presented by changing water levels, seasonal and weather-based construction windows, environmental impact and restrictions and in-water work windows. You can always count on us to consider all crucial factors in our decision making process.
In addition to proven knowledge and experience, Matrix PDM Engineering is a member of the Port Association of Louisiana and the Inland Rivers Ports and Terminals Association.



  • Feasibility studies and conceptual development
  • Economic analysis and permitting
  • Preliminary and final design
  • Project and construction management
  • Electrical and control systems
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Inspection



  • Inland river ports
  • Floating docks
  • Rail-mounted cranes on barges
  • Dock expansion, conversion, and repair
  • Dock mounted traveling gantries
  • Loading and unloading systems



  • Mooring / breasting dolphins
  • Loading platforms
  • Roadway bridges to dock
  • River cells
  • Piers
  • Sheet pile bulkheads
  • Captive barges
  • Access bridges / ramps
  • Floating docks
  • Rail-mounted crane on barges

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