What You Should Know About Our Sulfur Engineering Expertise

When you partner with Matrix PDM Engineering for sulfur recovery, processing and handling, you reap the benefits of more than three decades of experience in engineering and project management, as well as the design and supply of complete systems and consulting. Whether it’s sulfur recovery units for natural gas refineries, sulfur melters, or molten sulfur filtering technology, nobody compares when it comes to the best companies for sulfur engineering services. Here’s why.

Our Special Focus on Safety and Quality in Sulfur Recovery Engineering, Processing and Handling

What makes us so qualified with sulfur? To begin, you will see a tireless commitment to safety and quality when you work with us. You will see it in our process technology and plant solutions, and you will experience it in our collaborative approach. From working with terminal operators in order to understand facility logistics and operations to working hand-in-hand with client teams, we operate with an extraordinary focus on safety and quality in everything we do.

A History of Expertise with In-House Engineering and Design for Sulfur Projects

This particular focus on safety and quality has permeated every position in our organization for decades. With sulfur, we have a proven track record of delivering comprehensive, multi- discipline engineering solutions. That’s because we have provided process technology and plant solutions to the oil and gas industry for more than 35 years. As a result, we have formed strong relationships, while garnering decades of expertise. Today, we have been involved in the recovery, processing, handling and marketing of sulfur not only in North America but across the globe. From wet and dry sulfur forming, facility design and sulfur block storage to sulfur melting and conceptual engineering, we pride ourselves on our history and a array of sulfur capabilities wide-ranging in scope.

Success with Construction Services for Sulfur Processing and Handling

Safety, quality and experience are just the beginning of our recipe for success when it comes to sulfur. It continues with superior construction services. At Matrix PDM Engineering, providing extraordinary construction services also means leveraging client preferred, local subcontractors in an effort to bring clients a seamlessly integrated team. It’s our ability to form these excellent teams and create these bonds that truly sets us apart.

Proprietary Sulfur Technology that Sets Us Apart

When we acquired Devco USA in 2016, we also acquired the Devco II Process — a proprietary wet pelletizing process that offers single unit capacities ranging from 50 to 2,000 tonnes per day. To shed a bit of light on the background and process, in 1980 Devco investigated 15 different forming processes before deciding to use a wet prilling, or pelletizing process, for installation in Saudi Arabia. This wet process is easy to operate, has low capital and operating costs, and is environmentally friendly. During the process, the small amount of moisture adhering to the surface of the pellets ensures minimal formation of sulfur dust in the handling of the pellets — virtually eliminating the potential of fire or explosion sometimes associated with a dry process. This is just one example of how we simultaneously focus on safety and quality while offering differentiating technology.

Your Edge with Sulfur Recovery Engineering and More

All of this — our focus on safety and quality, our experience, our capabilities — combine to give you an edge when it comes to sulfur. Together, we achieve this through partnership and a collaborative project approach that delivers superior integrated solutions. That’s why we work closely with client teams from engineering to operations to management, and can even guide your team through permitting requirements with local authorities, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the EPA, the FAA or other national agencies.

Just look to examples of our experience with sulfur in the United States. These domestic projects showcase many of the capabilities customers demand today when it comes to sulfur processing:

  • Beaumont, TX • Provided a Matrix II unit, conveyor design and start-up support. Wet prilling technology was used. Capacity per day is 2,000
  • Central FL • Partnered with other service-specific contractors to perform a full EPC design and construction of the 1MMTPY sulfur melter plus material handling. Sulfur melting technology was Capacity per day is 3,600 tons.
  • Chicago, IL • Provided a sulfur forming unit, controls system and process building. Wet prilling technology was used. Capacity per day is 2,200
  • Donaldsonville, LA • Provided two Devco II units, construction supervision and start-up support. Wet prilling technology was used. Capacity per day is 4,000
  • Long Beach, CA • Provided a Devco II unit, conveyors, and truck unloading. Wet prilling technology was used. Capacity per day is 2,000
  • Los Angeles, CA • Upgraded a Devco II unit, provided facility design, product conveyors, operations, construction and startup. Wet prilling technology was used. Capacity per day is 2,000 tons.
  • Stockton, CA • Provided a sulfur pelletizer, product and stacking conveyors and a storage area. Wet prilling technology was used. Capacity per day is 1,000
  • Remember, our industry-leading expertise with sulfur processing is just one area where we can provide support. In fact, our services even extend to aboveground storage, low temperature and cryogenic tanks and terminals, specialty vessels, silos and other bulk storage solutions. When you work with Matrix PDM Engineering, you will discover how a partnership involving sulfur opens the door to a wide range of other services, too.

    Hopefully, you better understand how we can uniquely meet your sulfur needs. Whether it’s molten sulfur tank design, sulfur recovery units or sulfur forming, sulfur blocking or bulk handling, our sulfur engineering expertise can bring success to your next project. Contact us to learn more about partnering with our team.