Storage Solutions: Silos & Bulk Storage

Cost-effective and reliable storage solutions are crucial to operations in a variety of industries. From energy to agriculture, silos and other bulk storage assets are used throughout the world. These Silo structures can be reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, steel tanks, or concrete stave silos. Loading and reclaim requirements, commodity to be stored, geotechnical conditions, and other factors often dictate different material and design choices.

Well-designed silos can provide many years of storage capabilities and can withstand rigorous filling and reclaim cycles. Design specifications set by the ACI Committee 313 help ensure that concrete silos are designed with safety, durability and structural performance in mind.

Silo repairs and maintenance projects can present problems for operations. Often, it is difficult to justify large scale replacement projects due to the disruption it would cause. Consequently, it’s increasingly important to design silos and other bulk storage with industry best practices in mind. By leveraging design expertise in the planning stages or with a feasibility study, you can avoid practices that may lead to premature deterioration or failure.

If you are working with an existing silo, stacking tube or other bulk storage structure, it’s important to carefully evaluate and investigate structural issues. By determining the root cause, you can design repairs that address the source of deterioration. It is equally important to balance the benefits of the remediation against the cost of repairs and disruption to operations. An experienced engineering firm can help guide appropriate levels of investigation and make practical recommendations.

Whatever commodity your storage structure is designed to hold, quality design and craftsmanship will serve your operations well. Partnering with a reputable and experienced engineer and contractor can help guide your decision making. Thoughtful silo design or thorough assessment will help your asset perform for years to come.