Matrix’s Holistic Approach to Material Handling Systems

Material handling systems just may be the unsung heroes of the industrial world. These important systems are responsible for the movement, protection, storage and control of materials and products. Material handling systems are vast and varied. They can be simple or complex, manual or fully automated. These systems can stand alone or be a part of a larger logistics system or bulk terminal

Terminals and materials handling systems often have unique challenges and specifications. In many cases, the material or layout of the facility requires custom systems and equipment. In the end, it’s these specialty components and the engineering behind them that make it possible to safely move heavy materials and large volumes of product. 

Engineered Systems
Engineered systems leverage automation to move large volumes of material quickly. For example, an automated conveyor system could be used to help unload cargo ships. 

Bulk Material Handling Equipment
As the category suggests, this type of equipment aids in the control and transportation of large volumes of bulk material. Bulk material handling systems use conveyor belts, hoppers, reclaimers and elevators to move incredible volumes of material efficiently. Some examples are grain elevators, silos and bucket elevators.

Liquid Bulk Handling Equipment
Liquid bulk handling equipment is most often found in storage tanks and terminals. Pumps and piping help move liquid such as sulfur, ethanol, crude oil and biodiesel. Vapor recovery and conversion systems are also an important part of liquid bulk handling. 

Matrix PDM: Material Handling Systems Experts
At Matrix PDM, our extensive experience encompasses a wide range of material handling systems. Whether you are blending, conveying, reclaiming–we’ve designed the fundamental components for applications like yours. We’ve also lent our expertise to marine structures and bulk terminals. Whatever your material or industry, we have the capability to design your next material handling system or facility. 

Our projects include some of the world’s largest handling systems for ocean-going, self-unloading vessels, port terminals, overland conveying systems, aggregate plants and bulk handling for environmental processing, power and the mining industries.

We have the ability to design the components that go inside these sophisticated systems as well as the large facilities themselves. Because we specialize in facility design, we can recommend and design bulk material handling solutions and conveying systems that integrate with other areas of the facility. 

We are also experts in automation. Our control systems can add advanced functionally to enhance your operations and save you time and money. Automation also has the ability to improve safety. Matrix engineers come from a variety of backgrounds and have been creating innovative control systems for decades. 

At Matrix, we pride ourselves on our integrity. It’s one of our core values. We are independent consultants and we are not tied to any particular equipment or technology. Our expert engineers design facilities incorporating equipment that will best serve the application. We put our clients’ best interests first in everything we do.   

We can take your project from concept to commissioning. Our services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary engineering
  • Conceptual systems design
  • Capital project economic analysis
  • Mechanical/structural engineering
  • Turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) capabilities

Submit an invitation to bid and let us show you how we can help design a material handling solution that will prove efficient, reliable and cost-effective.