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LNG Peak Shaving Automation Services

Plant automation has been long been essential to safe and efficient operations since the early days of LNG peak shaving facilities, and these systems require upgrading overtime to assure optimum performance.

For over 40 years, Matrix PDM has been providing automation system integration for LNG processes, including liquefaction, boil-off gas compression, and control, vaporization, tank foundation heating, truck loading/unloading, dehydration, treating, hazard detection and mitigation, tank gauging, and LTD, flare, gas chromatography, and custody transfer metering.

Through our EPC projects, we routinely deliver process and functional specifications, instrument specification and installation detail, control system architecture and panel design, programming and configuration services, customer acceptance testing, and site checkout and startup. In addition, Matrix PDM can provide panel procurement, manufacturing, and installation.

As a Rockwell Solutions Partner, our automation experts are well-versed on this platform, and can also provide support for Delta V, Moore Products, Bailey, GE Fanuc, WDPF, and relay-based control systems.

RA Solution Partner

Control system upgrades give the operator a modern control system interface and configuration tool, which reduces complexity, improves the availability of support, provides better human factors conditions for operators, and in some cases eliminates significant license maintenance fees. Sometimes these upgrades replace relay logic control systems, which represent some of the most difficult maintenance challenges, and can replace fully pneumatic control systems, which can be even more difficult to maintain than relays. Code compliance, enhanced safety, and enhanced data availability are all additional benefits of control system upgrades.


  • Modern control systems have several advantages over aged platforms:
    • Readily available in stock control system components
    • The breadth of support from a greater variety of talent
    • Increased reliability with modern hardware and software designed to work in lockstep with current Windows OS Lifecycles
    • Increased capabilities for connectivity to a variety of systems from skid package to SCADA to enterprise
    • Control system upgrades can be sized to allow for the integration of future facility expansions where an existing aged control system may typically not support this
  • ISA 101 philosophy recommended practice improving operation and maintenance ability to detect, diagnose, and properly respond to abnormal situations – a control system upgrade promotes compliance including:
    • High-performance graphics with standardized layout and color usage
    • Alarm rationalization and management for better diagnostics
    • Characterized HMI performance consistency which can potentially solve existing control system functional issues
  • Additional benefits that can be realized through control system upgrades:
    • Enterprise-wide format standardization for operations and maintenance who regularly support multiple facilities
    • Mobile device and remote access capabilities
    • Enterprise resource planning integration
    • Wider potential of data, control, SCADA, and diagnostic package integration
    • Enhanced data logging, analytics, and reporting of:
      • Maintenance data
      • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
      • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
      • Energy balance equations
      • Order data retrieval
      • Accounting integration
      • Material genealogy and traceability
      • Alarm statistics and bad-actor resolution

Matrix PDM subject matter experts in Process, I&C, Tank, and Project Engineering augment our automation expertise by adding their rich experience, supporting projects directly through oversight, and imparting their knowledge to develop the next generation of Matrix PDM multidiscipline LNG experts.

Matrix PDM has performed control system scopes for peak shaving and baseload facilities for Delmarva Power and Light, Columbia Gas, Dominion Energy, South Jersey Gas, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Southern LNG, Keyspan, Philadelphia Gas & Electric, Eco Electrica, Citizens Gas, Piedmont Natural Gas (Duke Energy), Southwest Gas Corp, SCANA, Magna, New Jersey Natural Gas Company.