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Eagle Jacksonville LNG cryogenic tank design by Matrix PDM Engineering


Cryogenic Storage Tanks and Facilities

Few contractors possess the experience needed to engineer low temperature and cryogenic storage facilities and related process systems.

Matrix PDM specializes in large and small scale LNG storage. Matrix PDM Engineering has quickly established itself as a thought leader in the LNG storage space. Our experience runs deep. From the design of 290,000 bbl tank for Piedmont LNG in Robison, NC, to Eagle LNG’s 1,000,000 gallon cryo tank in Jacksonville, FL, Matrix PDM’s engineers pave the way to safety and success in LNG.


LNG Peak Shaving Automation Capabilities

For over 40 years, Matrix PDM has been providing automation system integration for LNG processes, including liquefaction, boil-off gas compression, and control, vaporization, tank foundation heating, truck loading/unloading, dehydration, treating, hazard detection and mitigation, tank gauging, and LTD, flare, gas chromatography, and custody transfer
metering. Read more about our peak shaving automation capabilities here.


GTT LNG membrane tanks

Matrix PDM Engineering is the first EPC company based in the United States to be licensed by GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz) to offer membrane tank technology. The agreement came after revisions to various standards including NFPA 59A and Canadian Standard CSA Z276 to include provisions for the use of membrane tanks for cryogenic and refrigerated storage in North America. GTT membrane technology builds upon Matrix PDM’s decades of experience in the traditional design and construction methods used for LNG and NGL tanks. The technology has been used for decades on LNG carriers and various land-based applications in other countries around the world.



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Matrix PDM offers engineering services for:

  • Single containment – double dome, suspended deck
  • Double containment – concrete and steel dikes
  • Full containment – concrete and steel
  • Membrane
  • Spherical

Tank foundations

We know the risk involved with protecting the contents of your storage solutions. Based on your terrain, seismic activity, and environment factors, we offer:

  • Pile cap
  • Ringwall
  • Foundation heating systems


We also recognize that the absolute sensitivity of the in-tank pumps’ location, design and function. We have proven success with:

  • In-tank pump design
  • Pump column elevation and installation
  • Pump column head works

Contact Rich Insull for more information on LNG tanks, low temperature or thermal vacuum chambers and test facilities.

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