Integrated Solutions for Natural Gas Processing

Natural gas needs to be delivered to the market with speed, efficiency and safety in mind. Matrix PDM Engineering offers integrated solutions for gas processing, treating, compression and gathering systems. Our team of experienced engineers has more than 200 years of combined experience. We draw on our vast professional experience to deliver systems that will perform for years to come.

Natural Gas Processing Solutions
Processing natural gas requires precision. Natural gas processing plants purify raw natural gas by removing contaminants such as water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and higher molecular mass hydrocarbons. Some of the substances, such as hydrogen sulfide, can be further processed and the resulting byproducts can be sold.

Within a natural gas processing facility, hydrocarbon separation and contamination removal are two of the key processes that allow a plant to deliver a safe product that meets market specifications. Small changes in these processes can greatly impact the output of your facility’s product. Pressure, temperature, flow, composition, and many elements within the process must be carefully controlled. Feedstock must flow consistently within specified limits to ensure quality and safety. A well-designed facility that is carefully maintained and run through a modern control system will reduce start-up time, minimize operational expenditures, avoid unexpected downtime and assist in the management of environmental compliance. Most importantly, a quality facility design will support plant safety without adversely affecting construction costs.

Matrix PDM offers a variety of solutions for natural gas processing facilities. Our team can provide FEL/ FEED design packages, facility layout solutions, detailed process engineering or procurement services. If you are looking for a turnkey solution, Matrix can provide detailed engineering including process, civil, structural and mechanical. Our teams can also design and implement cutting-edge electrical and process control systems.

Natural Gas Compression Solutions
Pipeline transmission systems are the safest and most efficient way to take natural gas from processing facilities to market. Natural gas compressor stations are aboveground facilities that compress gas every 50 to 100 miles along a pipeline. The compression forces the gas to move through the pipeline and ensures that gas flows at sufficient volumes.

During times of industry expansion, compression stations need to be built quickly. Once up and running, these facilities need to perform with minimal downtime. An interruption in service could jeopardize the flow of a pipeline transmission system.

At Matrix PDM, we understand the important role of compressor stations. We also understand your need to build compressor stations quickly without sacrificing quality. Our team of multidisciplinary engineering professionals designs compressor stations that will operate faithfully. Through our many years of experience, we’ve perfected the project process. We utilize quality components that will support your operations for years to come. Matrix engineers can design and build your compressor station rapidly while keeping your capital expenditure in check.

Partner With Matrix for Integrated Solutions
In conjunction with our sister subsidiary, Matrix Service, we are pleased to offer comprehensive solutions for all of your gas processing needs. With expert engineering from Matrix PDM and procurement and construction solutions from Matrix Service, we can take your next project from concept to commissioning.

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