Innovative Solutions to Expand AST Capacity Quickly

Aboveground storage tanks are in short supply. The Russia-Saudi Arabia oil price war is creating excess supply. Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic continues to compound the problem by drastically decreasing demand. In fact, Reuter’s reports that demand is down 30 percent worldwide.

Consequently, storage hubs around the country are filling up. Although we can’t predict the future, current events indicate that we will likely continue to have excess supply in the near term. This creates an opportunity to buy while the prices are low and be at an advantage as demand increases.

At Matrix PDM, we’ve always been proud of our ability to deliver custom storage solutions that are built to the customer’s exact specifications as efficiently as possible. Custom storage tanks can require Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) and considerable time dedicated to the tank design before procurement, permitting and construction can even begin though. Knowing that there is a critical need for storage solutions in today’s market, our engineers have found a solution to get quality engineered storage tanks to market faster.

Matrix PDM is Drastically Reducing Lead Time for AST Solutions
Now, Matrix PDM has designed a standard solution that will allow storage facilities to expand their capacity quickly. Drawing on 90 years of experience, Matrix engineers have designed a range of pre-engineered API 650 aboveground storage tanks of standard sizes. These tanks will come with a standard set of appurtenances and are designed taking into consideration location-specific environmental loads such as seismic, wind, rain, and snow. These tanks will be built with the same commitment to engineering, fabrication and construction quality as our custom solutions

The concept of standard sizes is not new but was only utilized for small shop-built storage tanks used for production or midstream storage but is innovative for the large aboveground storage tanks (ASTs). Since the time-intensive design work and decision making is already complete, these pre-engineered ASTs can reduce the lead time to market by 10-12 weeks or more.

Matrix clients simply need to identify the location for the AST and the storage capacity required. From there, Matrix experts can immediately begin permitting and site development activities while procurement and fabrication efforts run concurrently.  Additionally, the site location will guide our team to ensure your tank complies with all local standards and regulations. This dual-pronged approach will save time and bring your additional storage capacity online swiftly.

Some clients may prefer a custom solution incorporating certain requirements that can be replicated quickly at multiple locations. Our dedicated team of engineers can design a custom ASTs and then use those specifications and drawings at multiple client sites to accelerate future tank builds This approach can multiply your storage capacity with unmatched speed while meeting your exact specifications.

Innovative Solutions to Client Storage Needs from Matrix PDM
Matrix PDM can also help evaluate and repair any existing ASTs you would like to bring back into service. While the demand for storage was low, it may have been necessary to prioritize other maintenance projects. Now that AST facilities are in high demand, it could be advantageous to bring your assets online as rapidly as possible.

These solutions can help terminal owners and operators take advantage of the current climate and be well-positioned for the future. Matrix PDM engineers can help customize or retrofit your equipment now or later if your operational needs change. This will allow operators to remain flexible so you can adapt to the evolving needs of the market without a tremendous capital investment.

AST Experts at Matrix PDM
Whether you are looking for a custom solution, a pre-engineered design or help with maintenance, you can count on Matrix to provide ASTs that perform as promised. We stand behind our projects and we stand behind our promise to bring your assets online as soon as possible. We are confident we can partner with you to provide a solution that will be completed on-time, on-budget, and all in-house.

We believe these flexible options will serve our clients as they quickly adapt to these challenging times. Together, we can support the critical infrastructure that powers progress across North America.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you expand your AST capacity faster than ever before.