Delivering More: Efficiency in Capital Projects

Owners and operators use capital projects to bring assets online quickly and efficiently. Whether you are expanding capacity, adding additional capabilities or retrofitting existing equipment, a capital project can help your organization meet operational goals.

When making a significant investment, many owners and operators choose to lean on the design and engineering expertise of a contractor that specializes in critical infrastructure projects. Matrix PDM Engineering leads the industry in engineering, procurement, construction, and management (EPCM). Clients in energy and industrial markets trust our team to deliver their capital projects on time and on budget. At Matrix, we believe our services add value to your operations and bring efficiency to your capital projects.

Efficiency in Engineering and Design
It’s important to start your project off right. Concept development, Front End Loading (FEL) and FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) are all tools our team uses to help clients make informed decisions. These processes help define project scope, set operational goals and determine feasibility. An emphasis on pre-project planning can help your project move forward quickly.

We also utilize 3D design to provide better project visualization. Our clients can review access, clearance and functionality throughout the design process. Proactive project planning can help avoid surprises and expedite procurement and construction efforts.

Learn more about why pre-project planning is so important here.

Efficiency in Procurement and Construction
We have relationships with both union and non-union construction vendors across North America. Our teams and fabrication facilities are strategically located to better serve our clients. We have the flexibility to assemble the best team to meet your project’s schedule.

Our team also utilizes a unique project scheduling method. We assemble modules off-site in a controlled fabrication environment. This process enhances quality control while reducing risks, lowering project expenses, and shortening project lead times.

Efficiency in Start-Up and Commissioning
The final phase in a capital project is start-up and commissioning. Before a new facility can begin operations, equipment must be verified, instruments need to be calibrated and control systems must be assessed. Matrix PDM teams work with our clients through every step of this process. Attention to detail during all of the inspections and checkouts is essential.  Our quality assurance and quality control solutions are second to none. Advanced training for operations and maintenance staff allows plant operators to quickly learn how to operate their systems in a safe and reliable manner.

At Matrix PDM Engineering, We Deliver More
At Matrix PDM Engineering, we add value and efficiency to your capital project with pre-project planning, pre-fabricated construction modules, and robust start-up and commissioning services. Our commitment to safety, quality, and stewardship guides every aspect of our project management.

Whether you are looking for design expertise or a full EPC or EPCM solution, Matrix can partner with you to create a successful capital project. Through our sister subsidiary, Matrix Service, we are proud to offer turn-key project solutions for your next critical infrastructure project. See why so many choose to partner with us again and again.

The proof is in the performance. Check out some of our projects here or submit an invitation to bid today.