Matrix PDM Engineering


“Without [Matrix PDM], we would not have been able to do the job.”

Hans-Martin Schuster
Neuhaus Neotec

“The engineering work done by [Matrix PDM] has always been of the highest quality and completed in a very professional manner.”

Gary Roark
Pechiney Rolled Products

“The work, executed as a fast-track project, comprised more than 190,000 man-hours and was executed to the complete satisfaction of Sincor.”

Finlay Mclay

“Our job is to deliver the detailed plans– the playbook — needed to achieve a client’s objective. The playbook itself can be pretty complex, but we’re well equipped with thought leaders, innovators and seasoned professionals.”

Jim Hauser
Director of Engineering
Matrix PDM Engineering

“Many of our customers hire us for our ability to manage their project from start to finish with our absolute focus on safety, building strong relationships and delivering what was promised. We work hand in hand with various teams to deliver a collaborative project approach and integrated solutions.”

Mike Patena
Project Management Director
Matrix PDM Engineering