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Orla Gas Processing

Client Confidential – Gas Processing

Location: Orla, Texas

Our client, one of the largest gas processing companies, needed a 200 MMSCFD greenfield processing plant designed to produce purified NGL’s and natural gas. The project needed to be in production within four months of starting the engineering and design. The remote site and aggressive schedule required a unique solution to complete this project and bring natural gas and NGL’s to the marketplace.

Matrix PDM Engineering partnered with ISTI Plant Services to develop an EPC solution leveraging our gas processing expertise, partnerships with key process equipment suppliers, and our modular design approach that allowed our team to deliver an operating facility on schedule. A modular design, fabrication, and construction strategy allowed us to shorten the schedule and reduce risk and on-site construction time to bring the site online and to market faster; time to market was key for our client and their needs.

Matrix PDM worked with our client, vendors, and construction contractors to develop detailed start-up and commissioning plans for this project. From equipment installation verification, instrument calibration, control system check out, and dry and wet testing procedures to production ramp up, we worked with our client to address every step of the commissioning process. Our goal was a unified project approach that addressed commissioning needs to efficiently bring the systems online

people on site
engineering hours executed
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Scope of Work

  • 200 MMSCFD Greenfield processing plant
  • Thomas Russell cryogenic module
  • Two 1,050 GPM amine liquid heaters
  • Two 15.5 GPM triethylene glycol dehydrators
  • Two 30,000 SCFM regenerative thermal oxidizers
  • Flare system
  • Start up and commissioning
Natural Gas Processing
Modular design
Orla plant
Matrix PDM Engineering

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