Inclusion and Diversity

Better together.

Inclusion and diversity are the power we generate when we value each other’s differences and encourage everyone’s voice to be heard. Together, they fuel ideas and innovation, enrich our experiences and drive our success. Inclusion and diversity: we’re better together.

At Matrix PDM Engineering, inclusion and diversity are the foundation to our Core Values, which include Safety, Positive Relationships, Stewardship, Integrity, Community Involvement and Delivering the Best.

The Company has taken steps to strengthen its culture, including the formation of an Inclusion and Diversity committee comprised of leaders and employees from across the Company; development of a training program focused on inclusive practices and unconscious bias; and evaluation of recruiting and employment practices to ensure the Company attracts and engages an increasingly diverse workforce.

Recently, our President and CEO John R. Hewitt, formalized the Company’s commitment to advancing Inclusion & Diversity by signing the CEO Action Diversity & Inclusion pledge.

Read more about the initiative here.