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Earthquakes and seismic support

With the dramatic increase of earthquakes and seismic activity in Oklahoma and surrounding areas, the risk of damage to owners’ and operators’ assets has also increased.

Whether you are concerned about the structural integrity of your tanks, pipelines or other terminal equipment and infrastructure, Matrix Service Company and its subsidiaries can assist by providing the following services.

Earthquake preparedness

  • Engineering support to identify vulnerable equipment in the terminal
  • Engineering support to categorize components based on risk assessment and classification
  • Engineering and construction support for retrofitting vulnerable equipment, structures and components

Seismic Hazard Classifications

  • Engineering support to define seismic parameters to be used for emergency shut down (ESD) protocols and for identifying seismic vulnerabilities

Systems and protocols for terminal operation during seismic events

  • Assistance in designing and developing terminal operating protocol to be used during a seismic or other potentially catastrophic events
  • Support in seismic monitoring device selection, installation and set up

Post-event inspection and repair services

  • Post-event inspection of tanks, pipelines, terminal equipment and infrastructure
  • Repair and maintenance of tanks, pipelines, terminal equipment other and infrastructure

Matrix will identify vulnerable equipment in the terminal including, but not limited to, unanchored tall and skinny tanks, pipes with improper supports and independent structures with connecting platforms. Once the vulnerability of each component is identified, depending upon the risk assessment, each can be categorized into a specific risk classification.   Matrix will assist owners to identify the severity of an earthquake that triggers post event inspection. Pre-defining the seismic parameters at which the structures become vulnerable can tailor the post event inspection to an approproiate number of tanks and components in the terminal.   Based on seismic hazard classification, once an earthquake event occurs, event specific terminal operating protocols can be put in place to initiate remediation procedures. Matrix will assist in development of the protocols using onsite monitoring devices. Matrix can assist its clients in setting up a seismic monitoring systems.   As a leader in the design, construction, maintenance and repair of aboveground storage tanks and terminals, and with employees certified
to API 653, API 510, API 570, AISC and other inspection standards, Matrix can provide post event inspection and repairs of tanks and terminals, including supporting infrastructure
and pipelines.

Based on clients' preference, repairs or replacement can be made to reduce an equipment's risk category.


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