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Belt conveyer systems
EDC's expertise is in the area of belt conveyor design, including overland conveyor systems. EDC can provide, equipment selection and design of complete power plant mine and storage facility material handling systems including belt conveyors, crushers, vibrating feeders, screens, etc.

Self-unloading ships and barges
EDC designs material handling equipment for 'gravity type self-unloaders' and also specialized vessels handling extremely corrosive and non free-flowing materials. EDC has designed self-unloading systems for vessels larger than Panamax size, up to 225,000 DWT.

Topping off or lightening vessels
We pioneered the concept of 'topping off' or 'lightening' vessels where severe draft restrictions exist. Vessels routinely perform these operations off shore in Argentina and on the exit of Rio Orinoco, (Serpents Mouth), Venezuela.

Off-shore terminals
EDC was involved in the conceptional investigations and/or design of off-shore terminals at Delaware Bay (U.S.A.), Quinhuangdao (China), Korea, India and Venezuela.

Shiploaders, loading and receiving port installation
We have designed many ship loading and receiving port installations for various commodities in the U.S., Canada, Bahamas, Japan, Korea ,Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina.

Floating factory projects
EDC was involved in the design of the material handling components required for the floating pulp mill built in Japan and then permanently positioned along the Jari River in Brazil.

EDC patented railroad loading spout system
Matrix PDM Engineering - EDC Division has designed and furnished several RR car and truck loading spout systems for handling toxic and/or dusty materials. All hydraulically operated patented system operates up to 8 RR spouts from one central control station with one electric motor.